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  • Fill the boiler halfway up the valve and weigh the poured water content.
  • Weigh the quantity of coffee to insert into the filter respecting the ratio of 1:14 between coffee/water. For example, if you put 112 g of water in the boiler you will have to put 8 g of ground coffee in the filter.
  • Level without tamping the coffee
  • Screw the boiler to the rest of the coffee maker and place on the heat at medium power.
  • Reduce the flame/power slightly as soon as the coffee starts to come out of the chimney.
  • Turn off the heat source halfway through extraction so as not to "burn" the final part of the drink.
  • Stir before serving.


  • Use low mineral content or filtered water with low fixed residue, the drink will be sweeter and more aromatic.
  • Use water at room temperature. Preheated water should not be used.
  • If possible, choose a specialty coffee whether you want a coffee with a classic taste or whether you are looking for more particular flavors.
  • The best thing would be to freshly grind the coffee. Alternatively, you could often visit your local roaster to purchase small quantities of freshly ground coffee. Our advice is to buy coffee beans and have a manual coffee grinder.
  • Make sure the grind is suitable for the Moka, it is very important.

Good tasting.

Coffee Farm: Gitwe 503
Cup Score: 86
Cup Profile: Yellow Melon, mango, banana bread.
Altitude: 1760m above sea level
Process: Honey
Location: Gitwe cell, Karambi sector
Varietal: Red Bourbon

In recent years, the Rwanda Trading Company has redeveloped coffee processing stations and organized training programs for small farmers, supporting them and helping them produce superior quality coffee. Increasing coffee production and quality has a direct and long-term impact on producers' family income. This agricultural and social sustainability project is implemented by the RTC and supported directly by Falcon Coffee, a trader company that is committed to purchasing Rwandan specialty coffee exclusively from this source. We are proud to contribute to this virtuous circle by enhancing the commitment of our partners and the quality of this exceptional coffee.  

Read more about RTC's farmer training program here:
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