We believe that working in the coffee industry offers everyone a unique opportunity to contribute to sustainable smallholder agriculture.

Behind every cup of coffee there are stories to tell that arise on the other side of the world, in often remote and wild areas, where coffee represents a fundamental resource for the livelihood of indigenous communities.

Each coffee is different and comes from the hard work of the producers in the countries of origin, people like us, who however often find themselves facing situations of hardship and poverty, and this is why it is important to support projects that help improve their conditions of life.

Each coffee is unique and special and the aromas we breathe at the café come from far away and speak of the territory, botanical varieties, processes and agricultural practices which are increasingly oriented towards quality and sustainability, in order to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding nature and enrich the ecosystem, for example with reforestation practices.

Each sip is born from study and research, to enhance, thanks to roasting, the peculiar traits of each coffee and create a taste capable of making every moment of the day beautiful and pleasant for ourselves and for the people with whom we decide to share it.

We want to respect the raw material, the people and the environment to offer our customers high quality coffee, which satisfies the most demanding palates, but at the same time brings as many people as possible closer to the coffee culture.